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Why PSW Integrity



We are dedicated to achieving world-class asset management & maintenance with the purpose of driving businesses into a proactive future.

How we excel



Cash Positive for your business


Unlock your working capital

Reduce the operational life cycle costs

Increase in Production efficiency


Our services help you meet sustainability goals

We help reduce your carbon footprint

Enhanced leadership in sustainability


Integrity throughout

A transparent, open honest assessment of your business

More than a service, we develop  long term ongoing relationships with our partners


We help to protect & enhance your reputation

Enhance the reputation of decision-makers

Protects your Reputation

Enhanced service for your clients


Move from reactive to proactive

More than just a supplier

24/7 Proactive approach

Future proof  your organization

What we do



We are professional reliability engineers who understand the principles of performance and reliability optimisation.

Using our proven tools, training and processes, PSW Integrity effectively delivers the ability to manage customers assets in the most effective, efficient and safe manner throughout the asset lifecycle.

Reliability Engineering


The Best Way to predict the future is to create it with a PSW Integrity Maintenance Programme.

At PSW Integrity, our certified reliability engineers are professionals who understand the principals of performance evaluation and prediction to optimise product, systems, reliability and maintainability.


PSW is a body of knowledge and applied technologies which deliver, however, are not limited to, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, understanding human factors in reliability, Planning and scheduling, KPI Dashboard, Training and the ability to develop Reliability facilitation over the entire product and system life cycle.

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Asset Management




At PSW Integrity our reliability engineers are professionals who understand the principles of performance and reliability optimisation.


Using our proven tools, training and processes, PSW Integrity effectively deliver the ability to manage customers assets in the most effective, efficient and safe manner throughout the asset lifecycle

Lean Management



PSW Integrity are specialists at configuring and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that facilitate the flow and transparency of management information across all departments of an organisation faster, with the emphasis on speed and accuracy, resulting in more effective decision-making in order to optimise business performance and results.


The effective implementation of an ERP system into a business requires changes to be made to the processes and procedures throughout an organisation. if handled incorrectly, a poor implementation can cause the improvement initiative to fail.

Condition Monitoring




Condition Monitoring (CM) programs are the optimum approach towards improved reliability, reduced maintenance and costs.


CM surveys have been continually proven to detect the majority of machinery problems in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Early detection of defects enables planning and drives a proactive maintenance culture. CM surveys reduce costs and also eliminate time-based replacement of some equipment in SPS, shutdowns, etc., whilst increasing asset reliability.



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"Suspected NOX leak on H2320 Tail Gas Heater. Operations were unable to provide an accurate location for the leak. With my previous work with PSW Integrity, I was hopeful they could help in providing confirmation of a leak and a more accurate location."




"PSW brought to site Ultrasound monitor, SDT 200 EX. Using this there were able to provide an accurate location on the vessels bottom flange. Not only were they able to locate this leak they were able to locate a further 3-off smaller leak which was not known at the time."




"With this knowledge were are able to plan in a structured manner to stop all of the leaks. Once we believe the leaks have stopped we will ask PSW to return to carry out a second survey to confirm this is the case."


Mark Holden 

CF Fertilisers UK Ltd

Dedicated, professional, approachable.



Our dedicated team work collaboratively and are specialists in their respective fields.


Using our proven tools, training and processes, PSW Integrity effectively delivers the ability to manage customers assets in the most effective, efficient and safe manner throughout the asset lifecycle.


Ron McKay​

Managing Director

As PSW Integrity Managing Director, I am passionate about Reliability Engineering and aside from my role as Managing Director in guiding our development, I still enjoy getting hands-on with site visits performing reliability engineering techniques.


Lee Evans

Office Manager

I have been Office Manager for over 6 years at PSW Integrity. We have a unique approach to reliability engineering and our professional team are motivated to meet exacting requirements.

Our case studies


We are confident that we deliver best-in-class reliability products and services, our skilled engineers employ our unique monitoring techniques to provide optimised asset management. 


PSW Integrity provides a comprehensive range of Condition Monitoring, Lean Manufacturing, Reliability Engineering & Asset Management Systems.

Our unique honest approach has been trusted by leaders across a multitude of industries from Petrochemical, to Pharmaceutical to Oil + Energy to name a few. 

Featured case study

CASE: Best practice Implementation CMMS

CLIENT: Floatel







Project Impact

The overall program was designed to leave a legacy of self-sustaining improvements.

The benefits realized by Floatel are:

•Optimized inventory

•Optimized and best practice management of equipment

•Regulatory compliance

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Building relationships



We work on some of the largest projects worldwide, and as part of our "2020 Vision", we aim to reduce our client's carbon footprint and drive local and global business growth. 

We drive optimised asset management across the globe to ensure best practices are being followed to protect our clients' people, assets and the environment. Our 2020 vision is focused on creating more long-lasting relationships both locally and globally. 


Part of something bigger



PSW Group is a provider of products, systems and services to the oil and energy industry. Our multidiscipline competencies, state-of-the-art facilities and strategic partnerships enable us to meet industry demands and customers challenges with safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions. 


The company was founded in 2007 as a "supplier of smart and efficient solutions for Subsea & Drilling", and we moved into the first 500 square meter facility the following year. We've come a long way from then, and although we now employ over 250 people at Mongstad, Ågotnes, Liverpool, Singapore & Perth, cover 150.000 square meters and several disciplines within the energy industry, our focus is still on smart and efficient solutions. 



Proud members of:

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