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PSW Integrity has an extensive project portfolio, providing different solutions across multiple sectors. 

Please see our case studies below.

PSW Integrity understands the principles of equipment performance and reliability optimisation. Using our proven tools, training and processes, PSW Integrity effectively delivers, in an accelerated approach, the ability to manage customers assets in the most effective, efficient and safe manner throughout the asset lifecycle.


PSW has an in-depth knowledge of asset management implementation throughout decades of experience within the PSW group. We have equipment failure and PM data /case histories from hundreds of global projects and this knowledge and experience is vital to all of our clients to ensure they have world-class best practice maintenance within, based on statistics, benchmarks and global standards.

PSW Integrity Limited (Part of PSW Group) are delighted to announce the contract award from Floatel International, for RCM analysis of Fleet critical equipment. After carrying out consequence classification Floatel International identified that further analysis of their critical equipment was required to ensure the items and systems are managed correctly to meet operational and regulatory requirements.


PSW Integrity has evaluated 28 different systems. The RCM studies have identified many different actions which, when implemented, can deliver significant improvements in operation and reliability, including revised spares, redesigns and task optimisations/improvements.


The results were developed through valuable input (based on experience and knowledge) from the Floatel staff and PSW Integrity facilitators, using the RCM tool and processes to optimise the results.


Results from the execution of RCM analysis:

• Significant man-hours saved through optimised task frequencies and content

• All new tasks address failure modes


• Fully compliant with regulatory requirements.


• 30-40% of procedures improved with better detail, limits and tolerances.

PSW Integrity/ Floatel RCM

FLOATEL (2).png
Japan Drilling Company.png

PSW Integrity/JDC

PSW Integrity Limited (Part of PSW Group) are delighted to announce the contract award from Japan Drilling Company, for full asset management implementation on HAKURYU 14 and 15 Jack-up Drill rigs. Both rigs are currently under construction by PPL Shipyard and KeppelFELS at the Singapore shipyard.

“We are delighted to be awarded two further rig contracts to support Japan Drilling Company (JDC) with our full asset management implementation, using best practice asset integrity management processes”

Ron McKay

Managing Director

Japan Drilling Company (2).png

One of our previous optimised asset management programmes, which has been implemented over the past 3 years (successfully completed in April 2015), on HAKURYU 12, NAGA1, and HAKURYU 5, was recently evaluated by ABS who reported that over 90% of all technical barriers were effectively managed and assets were performing and managed well. PSW Integrity and JDC have an excellent working relationship, built on trust and integrity from previous rig implementations.


We have worked together, reviewing and implementing workflows, optimising procedures, carrying out criticality analysis/consequence classification, failure mode analysis, RCM studies and writing Preventative Maintenance (PM) and Condition Monitoring (CM) programmes with our cross-functional analysis teams to deliver world-class asset management services, whilst conforming to all corporate, operational and regulatory requirements.


JDC has also purchased the cloud and iPad based, optimised operator care programme, developed by PSW Integrity and HASH mobile for the complete deliverable of asset integrity management. With our partner “Hash Mobile” we develop and manage a reporting platform to enable rig operators to easily report on asset conditions based on daily/weekly routines. The data is collected using Hash Inspector and seamlessly synchronised with Hash Cloud where the data is visualised in an asset hierarchy and visual dashboard for easy trending of asset data to optimised rig operations.

Chevron Offshore Adhoc Troubleshooting Solar Generator

PSW & GEs Machinery Diagnostic and Condition Monitoring Services draw on more than 40 years of offering unbiased diagnostic assistance regardless of manufacturer. We have a proven reputation that we continue to build upon with each project and consultation, ensuring that we will always “call it as we see it” no matter who manufactured, installed, maintained, or operated your machine.

Our team is comprised of more than 150 Machinery Diagnostic Engineers, globally distributed, with decades of experience and over 10,000 MDS projects executed.


In January 2016, PSW was asked to carry out an offshore machine diagnostic survey for Chevron UK on their Captain asset. Our Senior CM Engineer mobilised with a 32-channel data recorder for this generator vibration troubleshooting diagnostic scope.


CHEVRON (2).png

Results from scope:


  • > No unbalance of the rotor was evident through diagnostics when loading/unloading the Generator

  • > New recommendations were givens for Alarms and Gap Voltages

  • > The generator train was fully compliant with regulatory VA requirements/monitoring points.

  • > 30-40% of procedures improved with better detail, limits and tolerances.


Case Study

Floatel International Global implementation hierarchy CMMS

Case Study

Floatel International Global implementation RCM

Case Study

Daimler Engine Line

Case Study

Fiat Plant

Case Study

GSK Global Implementation

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