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If you would like to see further Service-specific information in more detail, please feel free to download the brochures below.

What we do


Flyer - Power & Automation.

Flyer - Condition Monitoring.

Flyer - Reliability Engineering.

Flyer - Spares + Obsolescence.

Flyer - Supply Chain Services.

Flyer - Asset Health Tool.

Flyer - Condition Monitoring + MDS.

Flyer - Lean Management.

Flyer - Manpower Services.

Flyer - PSW Project Management.

Value-adding as evidenced


Case Study - Floatel International Global implementation hierarchy CMMS.

Case Study - Floatel International Global implementation RCM.

Case Study - Daimler Engine Line.

Case Study - Fiat Plant.

Case Study - GSK Global Implementation.

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