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PSW Integrity is an international leader in business transformation consultancy services utilising our systems, delivering true, recognisable value to our clients.


We do this through unique offers, strategic partnerships and a solid financial platform.

Our collaborations are exclusive with individuals and companies who operate at the pinnacle of their sector.



Our core business values include:

  • A customer-centric focus

  • Delivering quality at every level

  • Innovation at every stage

  • sustainability as a constant

  • putting people at the heart of everything we do


PSW Integrity brings a world-class ability to visualise, assess and translate business challenges in your organisation. PSW Integrity has grown rapidly since incorporation in 2012, acquiring new clients through the delivery of their separate improvement disciplines (process-driven lean management).

Our Service

PSW Integrity is specialists at configuring and implementing systems that facilitate the flow and transparency of management information across all departments of an organisation faster, with the emphasis on speed and accuracy, resulting in more effective decision-making in order to optimise business performance and results.


We have developed a unique approach to implementation, using the principles of lean management thinking, which helps streamline the implementation process and engage all stakeholders throughout the project. This leads to sustainable change and performance.

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Lean Management Coaching.

Helping others to lead.

Lean management thinking is principally about creating excellence by removing the wasteful activity from processes so that they flow more efficiently to optimise business performance and increase organisational results.

Implementation of transformational change within an organisation requires people to take ownership of the new processes, which is done by understanding and recognising the benefits that will be generated and then lead others to effectively implement the processes throughout an organisation.

At PSW Integrity we help to generate ownership and leadership through our 3 stage coaching programme.


The Theory

We teach the methodology and theory of lean management thinking so people can fully understand the principles of why and how it will benefit their business


Practical Implementation

Through research and experience, we have developed a comprehensive range of tools and frameworks that we teach people how to effectively implement the new processes.


1-2-1 Coaching

We work closely with key stakeholders of the project at every stage of implementation to ensure we can effectively pass on our knowledge and expertise so that they can lead others to effective process changes this collaborative approach helps to create change that is not only effective but is also sustainable as people within the business are proud to take ownership.

Management Systems & Processes.

Every organisation has a method for getting things 'done'. Whatever your organisation doesn't have is a consistent process and system for achieving that output. PSW Integrity is, therefore, an expert at analysing and understanding all functions of a business to identify what procedures and systems an organisation required.



Everything we do is aimed at making a real difference through ensuring your results are world-class and standard-setting resulting in exceptional customer service, we then work with you to implement Business management systems which may be frameworks such as is accreditations which we help you tailor to your organisation, or design a completely bespoke system, specific to a businesses requirements.

The standardisation of systems and processes are all designed to deliver PSW Integrity's core proposition which is to optimise business performance.

Manufacturing Design, Simulation + Implementation

Integrated Lean Systems designed to succeed

At PSW Integrity we understand manufacturing is a complex process and often the way things are done within a business is a result of many years of doing things with an unstructured 'organic' methodology.

Initial Approach


Our initial approach is to fully understand how a business operates and dissect how all the parts of the business work together to create the output. This is achieved by spending time in business to observe and understand the day-to-day operation.


Identify + Design

Through this extensive understanding of an organisation, we can then identify the core processes required and design a manufacturing process that will radically improve the effectiveness of the manufacturing process.


Simulation + Implementation


Once this system has been designed, we fully simulate every part of the manufacturing process to ensure the design meets the objectives and clearly demonstrates which results will be generated. The final stage is implementation, be it creating a new facility, plant or manufacturing line which will ultimately generate an outstanding, efficient manufacturing process.

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