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Engineering a leaner, greener future together.

We are delighted to say that PSW Integrity has arranged for an informative event to support businesses with a greater understanding of Lean products and how to look at a greener future, at a time where businesses need to look at making efficiencies and savings this event will support you in this process.

Engineering a leaner, greener future together

Date and Time: Wed, 22 July 2020 - 09:00 – 10:00 BST

Adapting to COVID, Embedding sustainability through collaboration and innovation, remote IoT solutions and developing a leaner organisation.

About this Event

  • Introduction - A high-level overview of the structure and purpose of the presentation, including an overview of adapting to offer remote services, during COVID-19 with examples of project implementation and learning outcomes. discussing the opportunities for innovation during COVID19 with examples - (Carbon Calculator, Lean, IoT Sensors, even hiring during lockdown )

  • highlighting techniques that can be used to achieve a leaner, greener future.

  • An informative overview of Remote reliability services with examples (Remote Condition Monitoring, Remote Criticality Analysis, FMEA/RCM, Training (virtual & socially distanced))

  • Reducing unnecessary maintenance work by introducing cutting edge maintenance techniques including a project example centered around optimising a maintenance system, that had been identified as being unbalanced.

  • Utilising technology to achieve remote working during the lockdown, including a remote criticality project example.

  • Collaborating with partners to help each other through lockdown with a remote proposal example.

  • The importance of nurturing long term partnerships, and keeping clients happy during the lockdown, including an example in which an 18-month project reached its critical final stage during the lockdown, and we closed it out.

  • The importance of Lean adaptation during Covid-19, with lean examples.

  • Innovation to tackle challenges, with an example being our Carbon Reduction Programme, and the 3 stages to impact your carbon footprint . Another project example is our remote sensor technology helping to keep plants run efficiently , as well as our hybrid battery & shore power solution.

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