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PSW Integrity are an approved channel partner for GE products and service provider to GE for Reliability Engineering best practices and condition monitoring.

Anom Alert

  • Do you have a bank of electric motor-driven pumps?

  • Have you considered online condition monitoring in the past but it was too expensive?

  • Do you want a real time mechanical and electrical condition on the motor and pump?

  • Do you want a low cost early warning system that notifies of an impending pump failure?

  • Do you want to ensure your process does not get interrupted by an unexpected pump failure?

  • Do you want to keep of track your pumps electrical performance and keep their energy efficiency maximum level?

If you answered yes to any of these, the AnomAlert is your simple, cost-effective solution for improved productivity and energy efficiency.

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VB6 High Resolution Data Controller

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The vb6 data collector is a four channel, route-enabled instrument that provides everything you need for advanced, high resolution data collection.


This instrument includes a wide range of recording and measurement types at up to 12 800 lines of resolution. Purchase of a vb6 includes the powerful, award- winning Ascent® software. Ascent® Level 1 enables you to program your instrument with thousands of separate machine definitions, covering a number of route choices. A library of over 300 customisation parameter sets is also available, enabling a vast array of measurement options.

2300 Vibration Monitor

The 2300 Vibration Monitor series provides cost-effective continuous vibration monitoring and protection capabilities for less critical and spared machinery. It is specifically designed to continuously monitor and protect essential balance-of-plant equipment assets in a wide range of industries including: oil & gas, power generation, water treatment, pulp & paper, manufacturing, mining, cement, and a wide range of equipment in other industries.

The 2300 Vibration Monitor series delivers vibration monitoring and high vibration level alarming. It includes two channels of seismic measurement inputs from various accelerometer types, a speed input channel for time-synchronous measurements, and outputs for relay contacts, 4-20 mA*, SPA*, and Modbus/TCP outputs*. Utilizing GE's Bently Nevada* Monitor Configuration software (BNMC), the 2300 is easily configured.

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Scout 220-1S

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SCOUT220-IS is an Intrinsically Safe portable data collector solution designed for hazardous environments. You can use this small form-factor, rugged device to take vibration recordings and upload the collected data for detailed analysis in System 1* Evolution.

The overall system consisting of the data collector and the industrial handheld is rated ATEX Zone 1 / Zone 21 for non conductive dust, and CSA Class 1 Zone 1. The SCOUT220-IS data collector also gives you access to sites requiring hot work permits.

Anom Alert Anomal Detector 

AnomAlert Motor Anomaly Detectors continuously identify existing and developing faults on electric motors and their driven equipment.

AnomAlert utilizes an intelligent, model-based approach to provide anomaly detection by measuring the current and voltage signals from the electrical supply to the motor.

It is permanently mounted, generally in the motor control centre and is applicable to three phase AC, induction or synchronous, fixed or variable speed motors. Accompanying AnomAlert Software is used to view the data.

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Scout 200 Series

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The Bently Nevada SCOUT200 Series is comprised of small portable vibration data collectors, the SCOUT220-IS and the COMMTEST220. This revolutionary system allows vibration analysts to spend less time collecting and more time analyzing valuable plant data.

The SCOUT200 Series features a lightweight, hip-mounted data collector which connects wirelessly to a hand-held Android device. Data is streamed directly to a customer application (app) running on the device. In addition to enThe SCOUT200 Series fabling clear straightforward diagnostics, the multipurpose Android OS device supports other apps, including email and work order systems. The device is also a fully functioning telephone.

Scout 140-Ex

SCOUT140-Ex is a portable four-channel vibration data collector, analyzer and balancer. You can use this device for on- route data collection, machine-side analysis and diagnosis, and on-site dynamic balance correction.

SCOUT140-Ex is ATEX Zone 2 and IECEx Zone 2 complaint and safe for hazardous areas. This instrument is light but rugged and includes a neck strap with an integrated Sensor Keeper. The integrated Sensor Keeper retains your sensor while you walk or climb to reach other machines.

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At PSW Integrity our reliability engineers are professionals who understand the principles of performance and reliability optimisation.


We are specialists at configuring and implementing systems that facilitate the flow and transparency of management information across all departments of an organisation,

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